Monday, October 12, 2009

New web site in Colorado

A new site, "Teen Clinic," was set up to provide a safe space for teens to ask questions about sex and sexuality. They have a Twitter account, a means for youth to text in questions, a web platform for question asking and, of course, MySpace and Facebook pages. Question: How is this site going to be any different than all the others out there (of which Teen Wire and Sex Etc seem to be the most popular)? Is anyone going to start keeping track of how many youth use these sites to get their specific questions answered? And, if they already do that, will they let the rest of us know how useful these sites are?

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TeenClinic said...

Dear Dr. Kris,

Thank you for noticing the recent development of! As a co-founder of the website it's great to see other bloggers and experts in the field picking up on the site. I'd like to address your specific questions about our site and hopefully ignite other users to comment. Our site was designed for local youth in Boulder County, Colorado. We used input from local youth in our peer education program and other causal focus groups. Most of the design elements and features were requested and created by local youth. We hoped to capitalize on our strong relationships with school districts and youth-serving agencies in the community to bring youth to the site. Since we have two established Teen Clinics in the area, we hope to link youth to our direct services. Of course we welcome state and national attention to our site and we are a resource of ALL youth. But hopefully our local flavor makes the site unique from other fabulous sites like SexEtc and Teen Talk. So far, our anonymous Q&A forum and anonymous text message line have been very successful! We find the questions youth are asking online are far more personal and candid then they might ask in a classroom or even in the clinic. We hope our site does indeed provide a safe, trustworthy place for youth to get answers and be engaged with their health.

Thanks again for your attention to the interesting and important issues of youth sexuality and the media!

Best - the Teen Clinic team.