Thursday, June 12, 2008

Utah -- Land of Ignorance

The CDC just released its School Health Profiles, which outline the rates different states teach various health issues, including topics concerning HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention. Alarming to me is the fact that less than one-fourth of schools across the country (out of the 36 states surveyed) teach youth how to use a condom. But Utah takes the cake -- only ONE PERCENT of schools teach condom usage there. Ugh. Virginia also has an embarrassingly low rate of 7.7%.

Kudos to New York where over half (59%) of school teach their students how to use condoms.


Sarah said...

West Virginia is for lovers so maybe they do all the teaching? Sounds like they need to teach some Eastern counterparts.

Dr. Kris said...

You silly -- VIRGINIA (without the West part) is for lovers. Or not, given the lack of condom teachings. Or, they might be lovers there, but they are not so safe in their lovin'!