Thursday, April 10, 2008

Interesting (scary?) Thought

I was chatting with a student who is also a mother of a 4-year-old. As we were walking to the bus, she commented on how she was nervous about the role the internet is going to play in her child's life. After all, she didn't have computers growing up. What should she expect?

Then, she said something that I found very powerful. She said that there was no sense in her prohibiting computer use once he gets a little older because "by the time he is old enough to surf unsupervised, he will be able to hold his computer in his hand. I can't see what he will be doing!"

Wow. She's probably right. We have no idea where technology is going to take us. I mean, iPhones and other devices already have internet capabilities. It's going to be mainstream in no time.

Bottom line is, we can't focus on restricting access. We need to focus on teaching young persons how to use technology smartly and respectfully. Integrating this education into schools is going to be essential.


Sarah said...

Is it a sign that I'm getting old that the idea of a Blackberry & internet use overwhelms me sometimes? Very interesting point made here, though.

Dr. Kris said...

Ha! The fact that you sent this comment from your Blackberry implies that you are one of those who DOES hold her computer in her hand already...You are not old, just wise :-).

Jen E said...

WOW!!! I hadn't even thought of that. And here, my Hubby and I have been arguing over him wanting to put a computer into our 7yo's bedroom! Great point to think over. Thanks for opening my eyes!