Thursday, September 27, 2007

Men Have Needs Too!

Most of the online dating advice given out has been geared towards women. Here is a small exception from the Yahoo! Personals Blog: 7 Reasons Why She Didn't Write Back. Although the information itself seems pretty basic to me -- don't talk about exes, read the profile of the person you are responding to -- the comments from readers make me believe that maybe the advice is warranted. My favorite:
"Addressing one as "babe" or "angel" is not a good way to introduce yourself."

This is good too:
"DO NOT copy your driver's license photo and put in online. Yes, I've seen it done--yuck!"
Ed Note: This could work if you are smiling purdy. But has a guy ever smiled for his license?

Is there that little common sense out there in cyberspace?

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