Friday, January 12, 2007

Hypocrisy at its Finest

The news has declared MySpace as a breeding ground for sexual predators. It depicts the social networking site as a place of danger, where teens need to beware of strangers. These news stories often offer information to parents and teens on how to stay safe online. Tips include not providing any identifying information such as your real name or school, IM screen name, or even hometown.

Meanwhile, the public bemoans the fact that our youth are hyper-sexualized and that the popular media is encouraging our youth to be too sexual too soon. They decry that the images of young girls on network TV and the music scene send the wrong message to our youth about what it means to be a mature woman.

So, how does the NBC news cover a story about a group of high school cheerleaders in Dallas, TX who are accused of being bullies and a living example of the movie Mean Girls? By using a slide show of some of their MySpace photos. And what is the opening picture? See for yourself.

Nothing like getting the attention of your viewers by showing the back ends of three young girls in short skirts.

Responsible news coverage at its finest.

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